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Firewalls and Proxies

Resnet can provide your business with firewall and proxy solutions to keep your data safe from viruses. Our hardware and software solutions will protect your internal network and systems from harmful spy-ware and also limit end-user access to specific domains and ports to further increase productivity and security within your organisation.
Firewall and Proxy Server
Resnet uses Linux based systems that are lightweight and simplistic. We can offer the following services with our rented solution:
Our firewall solution allows you to manage all IP protocols within your network. This creates good security and will keep your network clean from any unwanted gremlins and monsters that could harm your information or degrade network performance and device interoperability. Features include:
  • Stateful Packet Firewall
  • Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Multiple Public IP's
  • Traffic Shaping
  • VoIP/SIP support
  • Port-scan Detection
  • DoS and DDoS Protection
  • SYN/ICMP Flood Protection
  • Anti-Spoofing Protection
Proxy Server
Resnet's Proxy Server solution allows you to  manage...

Printer Maintenance and Support

Peripherals today are considered to be highly important if not equal to computers. Printers and Multi Function Printers are critical in the running of any business be it home bound, mobile or in a big corporation. Important though, printers also encounter a host of problems, issues and errors which can bring your operation to a sudden halt. Resnet's technicians are experts in the field and we will have you running efficiently in no time. Be it a normal printer, laser printer, MFP or even a label printer, our tech experts are well equipped to deliver support for printer set ups, printer configurations and issue resolution. As part of our outsourced IT managed service, we offer technicians that are well versed in servicing and fixing a host of different printer brands and printer categories. We provide printer maintenance contracs and sale...