Server Maintenance & Support

Server systems are the heart of the IT infrastructure that supports your business. These servers need to be managed and maintained to keep you running optimally. Server management and maintenance help maximize investment in infrastructure and productivity. The servers also keep the IT infrastructure running effectively and efficiently and boost availability and reliability.

Resnet Technologies brings experience and knowledge within the industry including new tools and tricks to help keep your servers serviced, managed and maintained. Resnet’s expertise bring better auditing and improved configuration of servers through roles and features, remote management, and a slew of other skills. Resnet becomes your information technology (IT) service provider that manages and assumes responsibility in providing a defined set of services to you on a proactive basis. After a thorough auditing process we determine the services and infrastructure you require to efficiently run your business.

Server management entails many different tasks; it includes, but is not limited to, administering and supervising servers based on functional roles, proactively monitoring the network environment, keeping track of activity, and implementing solid change-control practices. These management functions can be performed both locally and remotely.

As systems’ workloads, capacities, and usage change in the environment, the systems need to be maintained so that they operate as efficiently as possible. Without such maintenance, systems become more susceptible to slower response times and decreased reliability. Efforts to maintain these systems is our job and through this process we avoid any inefficiency.

Resnet provides consultancy and services to a myriad of server types depending on your environment. Feel free to contact us with any questions in this regard

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